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A Dragon Wearing A Silk Gold Tie

Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2000

The Imperial Guard Necktie

The Las Vegas Imperial Palace on the famous Las Vegas Strip has two of these fierce looking bouncers - dragons wearing satin silk gold ties at the door. If a gambler thinks that he can get away with cheating the house in that casino he may have to deal with one of these guys maybe both of them.

For sure this is a clip on necktie as I really think that it would be impossible to get a tie tied around a neck so fat and besides, every bouncer knows that if your anticipate fighting then you better have a tie that comes off really fast. Otherwise the bouncer gets bounced. Wearing a regular necktie is a sure way to lose any fight or physical confrontation. In Las Vegas extreme measures are in place to make sure no one cheats. People are watching people, and those people are being watched, cameras watching people, and cameras watching the people that watching what the cameras are watching and so on. So this guy at the front door along with his other half serve as a reminder. No question in my mind There is a guard at the Imperial Palace just as the name suggest something of worth and that needs to be protected is inside.

I may be wrong actually as these could have placed there by some silly interior designer who had absolutely no idea that anyone would ever consider that these were placed strategically for defense. Wow, that sure spoils the more adventurous and clandestine version on the Imperial guard and his casino tie.

Jeffrey Hunter

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