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Below you'll find some interesting web sites that offer necktie knot diagrams and the history men's fashion accessories.

Here are some great web sites that have collections of vintage ties, some really cool web sites that offer artistic ties and also some sites that have otherwise unique items that men would appreciate. also included are some on-line shopping mall portals as well that have great values. We hope that you like these sites as much as we do.

click here for About Ties Blog - it's fun and serious

click here for the best clothes hangers and at

What Men are asking about at

tie photo art at

learn how to tie ties at

necktie history at

the funny version of the origin of neckties at

neckties at

discount coupons at

Video lesson on learning how to tie ties with April at

Click here for How To Tie a Tie and All About Neckties

neckties at

click here to learn how to tie ties

click here for Thomas Fink's home page - 85 ways to tie a necktie/

click here for Thomas Fink's The Man's Book/

articles about neckties and tie knot tying video lessons at

click here for your next best friend - a retired racing hero

click here "play to win" at

A really great source - articles, tips, advice, questions & answers, on fashion, sex, travel, sports and just about anything a man want to know about at

Complete source for buying jewlery on line

Classic Rock and Roll Apparel at

KNOT A place for collectors and enthusiasts of vintage neckwear. Wonderful collection of photographs

Just HOM – Men’s Underwear : Online store offers a large selection of HOM mens underwear including French designer thongs, strings, micros, hips, maxis and tops.

click here to visit Online Shopping Directory

Historic Photograph of a Necktie Workshop in a Division Street Tenement 1889 New York City at

greeting cards at

greeting cards

greeting cards for all occasions at

click here for necktie art works Sculptures in Bronze at

NECKTIE CLEANING AND REPAIRING Professional service in New York City with half a century of experience

necktie book & review

custom photo neckties

Spy Cam Surveillance Equipment

ANTHRAX TIES A wide range of neckties illustrating diseases including Anthrax, designed to promote awareness of diseases and infections

Necktie News Inc Magazine Mulberry Neckwear

Rope Necktie

Necktie Cartoons

Washington Post – China’s Necktie Industry vs. Como Italy
1 Stop Gift Baskets - Gourmet gift baskets plus a wizard you can use to create custom baskets of your own

History of men’s fashion neckties

Neckties are no torture comapred to high heels

Spy Camera Necktie History

Necktie History

BELLY WARMERS– cool vintage necktie collection

Find A Necktie - Ties articles and resources.

ROME biggest Necktie in the World

Necktie History by Victoria Unique

Necktie Murder Mystery – The Red Necktie

Learn How to Tie a Tie TIE A TIE – click here

Necktie Storage

Tying Ties

Tie Knots



60 minutes - ANDY ROONEY on neckties

Wooden Neckties

Another link for History – very comprehensive



BOOK REVIEW Necktie Knotting

Unique ties made from computer circuit boards


THE STRAIGHT DOPE What is, or was, the purpose of men's neckties? The Straight Dope: What is, or was, the purpose of men's neckties?

LOIS AND CLARK The ultimate guide to Clark Kent’s neckties on The New Adventures of Superman

HOW TO TIE A TIE diagram and instructions of necktie knotting

HOW TO TIE NECKTIES Necktie knot diagrams

BULLET PROOF NECKTIES Ties that actually stop 9mm bullets perfect to wear at the office, in case disgruntled employees go ballistic

HIDEOUS NECKTIES UK web site funny site illustrating ugly neckwear


Almanac of Neckties 2000 year history of ties REALLY GREAT SITE!

The Tie Pages, knot diagrams

Great Necktie site
Neckties knotting

NECKTIE CLEANING AND REPAIRING Professional service in New York City with half a century of experience offers a variety of products for apparel, fashion, beauty, health, travel, hotel, wedding, bridal, flower, jewelry and more

Find A Necktie - Ties articles and resources.

Iconique Fashion Magazine - The most visually stimulating ezine online, full of fashion, art, editorials and more!

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Human Edited Free Web Directory - Ligginit

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View Underground Mining Equipment online. This site is listed under Apparel Directory

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