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A Happy Man Styling Wearing a Tie

Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2000

So Very Extravagantly Cavalier In A Gold Tie

This happy man is feeling just fine wearing a satin silk solid gold tie. It’s the smile that gives it away. Normally he’s smiling and looking very special, but on this very special evening he was looking like a million. The difference was no mystery to me, nor to him. However to everyone else he looked just really great, for a reason that was not so apparent. They had not seen him the day before or just even an hour earlier when he was not so polished, debonair, and chivalrous – wearing a satin silk solid gold necktie.

You see I had tied this necktie around his neck, than set up a tripod more or less blocking the sidewalk while I shot about 30 digital images of him. Everyday his purpose is to be the jolly jester greeting people that are walking by Harrah’s Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard, welcoming them inside. Once he had that tie wrapping his neck and cascading down his chest along with my undivided attention he became a fashion model of sorts. He practically came alive with all the attention he was getting.

I left after about an hour taking that solid gold necktie with me. I should’ve left it – I thought later, as he looked so nice. I could hardly imagine anyone else looking that good, being golden and all. Most guys look really handsome wearing solid color ties just maybe not as elegant as that jester. Being practical about it, that tie would not have lasted the night before some jerk would take it for himself. Almost everyone wants a solid color tie, and a solid gold tie up for grabs would not be easy to pass up, for most passers-by.

Jeffrey Hunter

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