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Bart Simpson Ties - Cartoon Character Tie

Bart Simpson Ties
Bart Simpson Ties
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Our Bart Simpson Black Board Necktie is awesome. The Simpsons tie collection is a great menís novelty accessory. If you are a Simpsons fan or know someone who is you will want to check out these wonderful cartoon neckties. They are illustrated with wonderful art work depicting Bart Simpson, Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Maggie. They are official licensed Simpsons neckties no longer made. You may want to get a few as these are collector items as they are no longer made.

This cartoon character tie is made in poly approximately 4 inch in width and 57 inches in length. All of them are collector items as they are no longer made.

Ties without order buttons are out of stock at this time. Please email us at for availability.

The Simpsons cartoon series first appeared on television in 1987 as part of the Tracy Ullman Show. The characters, Bart, his mother and father Homer and Marge and his sister Lisa among other characters were created by cartoonist Matt Groening. The zany episodes illustrate Bart an adventurous teenager who is forever getting into mischief and his family living in a fictional American superb called Springfield. A parody of middle class America the series pokes fun at American culture and society.

The Simpsons became a prime time half hour show on Fox Television in 1989 and has produced more than 450 episodes with the show having its 20th season in 2009. A feature length movie, ďThe Simpsons MovieĒ was released in July of 2007 and grossed 527 million dollars worldwide. The Simpsons is the longest running American sitcom, the longest running American animated series, and has won many awards including 25 Prime time Emmys.

the Simpsons web site

The Simpsons at Wikipedia, the encyclopedia on line

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